Hey, we’re The Love Loves

We used to live somewhere out there on the internet in a flash site, but right now we’re living here. Anyway, our really old flash site, well, it was cool or whatever, but it was a really old flash site.  Here’s some pictures of the old site:

Anyway, that’s totally old news.  Let’s get more up to date!

The coolest thing that we’ve completed in a while is our video for Fuiro. was opening for Hole and Little Fish at Terminal 5.  There are some videos of that over to the left anyway, here’s our video for Furio, check it out:

If you’re trying to get ahold of us:
We’ve got a  myspace page

We’ve got a facebook group

and we’ve got heart!

If you need to get in touch with us, this site will maybe work, otherwise, you’ll just have to be more resourceful… or i guess you could email dredre at the love loves dot com.

the love loves’ valentines day 2012

a video:

a promo video for the video! :

Woah. We opened for the Rondelles.

Post Show, Group shot.

The rondelles making grumpy faces.


Sev got a call less than a week ago to ask us if we could play this show, he said yes without even consulting the rest of us.  We showed up around 6:30 for soundcheck to find The Rondelles on stage, rehearsing.  It was a little bit like being transported backwards in time to a dirty college bar.  Derek and I fucking rocked it on the dance floor.

Anyway, woah, we opened for The Rondelles!  Juliette pointed out my t-shirt to the crowd during their set.  I was happy.

If I get some more pics I’ll post ‘em…


Soundcheck picture (photo credit: Tania Cross): An image of us soundchecking at Terminal 5 (Opening for Little Fish and Hole)


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